Introducing Phase 2

Phase 2 has been in the works for a long time, and in fact, it's still not done! Months of planning, procrastination, schoolwork, and time wasted later, I am ready to begin the crawl back to growing Don't Know Yet. Some important changes to look out for:


There are new designs this time around (although they are all similar), and they will all be embroidered into the shirt. The shirts will have "UNKNOWN." across the top and then below that will have either a polar bear, a planet, or a tree.


I now handmake every single design and embroidered design, and at the moment, shirts are the only things that I can confidently make. Eventually, I will roll out some crewneck sweaters and possibly some hats, and maybe more depending on how successful Phase 2.1 is.

The shirts are Comfort Colors garment-dyed tees - they are the highest quality shirts available for buying in bulk, and I wear them all the time. They are seriously comfortable, and they look great.


In an attempt to be environmentally conscious, the bags that your merch is shipped in are compostable and biodegradable. They are also reusable (they have an extra sticky tab to close it again).

You will also get a free sticker with any purchase ;)


In 2020, YOU all raised over 100 dollars towards three charities fighting injustice in America: a fantastic accomplishment! After much thought, I decided to shift the purpose of the brand to working towards saving the earth. If this alone prompts you to buy a shirt, I would recommend donating straight to a charity or fundraiser instead. If you would like to buy a shirt as well, go for it!

That's all for now. I will be back with new updates and actual stuff to buy soon!

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